Friday, November 16, 2018

I am sending this email out to you asking for prayer.

The Haitian government has said that the opposing political group backed by the former ruler Aristide, is planning major riots in an attempt to cause a coup this coming week in Haiti. The manifestations are supposed to start in Cap Haitian this coming Monday the 18th.

Here is a little bit of history; The Haitian Revolution officially came to an end in 1803 when rebels defeated French troops on November 18 at the Battle of Vertieres. On January 1, 1804,  Governor-for-Life Jean-Jacques Dessalines declared the island free and renamed it 'Haiti.' Because of this they have chosen this date as the day to initiate a coup. They have already unsuccessfully tried with issues revolving around gas prices, bribing and coercing senators and the prime minister to join their side. The coup is supposed to take place between the 18th and 21st of November. Please be praying for the country of Haiti and its people. They have already walked through so much hardship. Pray for safety and stability. Pray for God's peace. Pray against property loss and loss of life.

Because of the upcoming coup, the government has turned the power off, hoping to curtail unwanted night activity. The unrest  has the possibility of affecting the team. They are supposed to be flying out of Haiti during the day on Saturday. There is a possibility of early manifestations as pressure builds. The team is planning on leaving for Port-au-Prince around  4 am, hoping to avoid any issues. Please pray for the team and their safety. They are not overly concerned that they will have any problems on Saturday, they are just trying to be wise. We know people in different areas on the way to Port and they will be calling ahead in order to avoid any possible problems.

On a different note the team is doing great. They have been visiting some of our schools. Today they spent some time visiting the children in our Pass Rein school. The team has also been staying in the Children's Village, playing with the children and spending time with them in the play and prayer room.

The pastor's conference started today, Thursday, and will continue through Friday. It is going great. Please continue to lift the team and the conference up in prayer. They are really enjoying their time in Haiti.

I want to thank you for faithfully praying for the people of Haiti, the ministry and our family.


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