Saturday, January 15, 2022

Two of three Tilapia fish ponds.

This is the hen house, its being roofed currently.

These are some of the vendor booths for the Market Place.


            Excited to see them again.



Hope that you are managing well through this crazier than normal winter we are having.

Just a quick note to let you know that I, (Mike) will be going to Haiti again. I leave late tomorrow night,(Sunday) and will return on the first of February. We would appreciate your prayers for safe travel, health, and for God to move through me, communicating God's love to His impoverished and oppressed people. 

I will be overseeing the final plans and preparations for the opening of the Marose Market Place, a multifaceted sustainability project that will lift up hard working Haitian families with jobs, and job training, and many new entrepreneurial opportunities. 

YES! Haiti does have the will and motivation to turn their nation back to God, and to a higher quality of life, and together we are helping them do it. Thank you.
Blessings, Mike and Chris

Sunday, December 26, 2021




Hope you had a nice Christmas. We wanted to share some exciting news with you. We have recently partnered with a well drilling ministry that has been unable to operate due to the unstable political environment. Because of our connections and ministry in Haiti we have been able to hire local crews to begin drilling wells and providing clean drinking water to nearby small villages that previously had none.

In Haiti accessible clean drinking water is a huge problem. This well drilling operation is now, providing;

· Clean healthy drinking water for families that did not have it yesterday.

· Sustainable jobs for skilled and unskilled workers, who previously had none.

· The ability for an increased number of children who can go to school, instead of hauling buckets of water for miles.

· Dramatic increased farming yields, by season, and by year.

· Creating a much higher economic level of community independence.  

In the last few months we have been able to drill four wells in different community areas. And we have also successfully drilled our first high volume agricultural well for the farmer’s association across the river from our headquarters. This well alone will double the current produce, and will affect over 200 family farms, and thousands of community members. It will also be producing feed for our Market Place egg production, and our Tilapia fish farm. Also, we have been approached by companies wanting to contract with us to grow Soybeans and Red Habanero Peppers. The far reaching impact of these wells are literally changing the economic status of an entire region

We would love to have you join us If this good news touches your heart as much as it has ours, Consider giving specifically to well drilling through
And as the year comes to an end we would like to thank you for your faithful support, both financially and prayerfully. We are so blessed to have you partnering with us.
Blessings for the new Year,
Mike and Chris


Friday, December 10, 2021

Merry Christmas From The Children's Village


 Merry Christmas, 

Hope this finds you well. We want to thank you for all of your faithful prayers. We are so very grateful for your coming alongside of us and the people of Haiti.

Our Children's Village has recently been gone over with a fine tooth comb by IBESR, Haiti's central authority for adoption in Haiti and their version of CPS (social services). They randomly check all orphanage's in the country of Haiti. After months of visitations, inspections and paperwork we once again received the highest level of approval which is green. We are so thrilled to be able to share this news with you. 

Some of you have been asking how you can bless the children in the Children's Village this Christmas. Our Christmas list for the Children's Village is on our website. Thank you for desiring to bring Joy and Blessings to the children this Christmas.

We love and appreciate each and everyone of you.

Blessings, Mike and Chris


Merry Christmas

Sunday, November 7, 2021


Erwins and Sunday

Sunday and Kevins



It is Orphan Sunday today.
So, I wanted to highlight an orphan in our Children's Village. We call him Sunday, because he came from the streets into the Children's Village on a Sunday, and the only information we could get out of him was Sunday. He was such a scared little guy. When he first arrived he had an infected scab covering 1/2 his face. He had obviously come from an abusive situation. The other children teased him and called him yellow hair.

He slowly learned to trust us and know he was safe and would be able to eat. It wasn't long before his Cheshire grin won over everyone, his personality went with his grin and the magenta flared sweatpants that we had to practically peel off of him to wash, they were his favorite pants to wear, those or pajama bottoms. :) He has been such a cheerful, happy and helpful child. He has grown into a confident young man now and is attending high school. We have been so blessed by those of you who have chosen to sponsor a child and allow them opportunities in life that they otherwise would not have.

The Bible tells us in Deuteronomy Chapter 10, that "God is the Defender of the Orphan." But God calls each one of us to partner with Him in the care for the least of these around the globe.

Thanks to your help, New Generation Ministries has been partnering with God to care for the least of these in Haiti since 2008. The Good Shepherd Children's Village is a safe and healthy environment for more than 60 orphaned children, who are receiving the love, care, and education they need to grow into confident young men and women.

November is "Defend the Orphan Awareness Month," and November 7th is "Orphan Sunday." Please take this opportunity to partner with God, and New Generation Ministries in Haiti, to ensure that the children like Sunday really do receive the love, care, and education they need. You can change the story of their lives from Orphan, to confident young men and women. Be about changing history to His-Story...   
Blessings, Chris


Sunday opening a gift from his sponsor

Sunday growing up


Monday, October 4, 2021



This is just a quick note letting you know that Mike will be flying out of Gonaives Monday morning. Because of flights available this time, he will be traveling all of Monday and most of Tuesday. Please pray for safe and on time travel connections. Also please lift Nathan up in prayer, it is always a very emotional time for him when Mike leaves.

Thank you so very much for your prayers.

Blessings, Chris

Saturday, October 2, 2021

Children from Poteau



We want to thank you for coming alongside of us and the people of Haiti in prayer. Prayer is so foundational.

I also want to share with you that today, Saturday, Nathan and Mike will be having another Pastors Conference. This conference will be much larger than last Saturday, it will be open for the pastors and leaders of each of our churches. It will also be available for leaders in other areas of our ministry. And it will be open to other Haitian pastors that would like to come. Please be praying for wisdom discernment and leading by the Holy Spirit for Nathan and Mike. Please partner with us in praying for open hearts and for impartation for the participants.

Sunday morning Nathan will be leading worship and Mike will be teaching in Myan. Nathan and Mike were still undecided on which church they will be at for the evening service. Please join us in prayer for the Sunday services.

Blessings, Chris

Best Buds :)


Tuesday, September 28, 2021

JeanDenis at the Pastors Conference

Mike and JeanDenis



The Pastors Conference went really well. Thank you for your prayers, they appreciated them. Today was mostly filled with meetings with Samuel, the Children's Village director, and Lemeque, who is the director over our churches. They also had meetings going over the business plan with the staff for the Market place, and spent time in Gonavies pricing out wholesale goods, frozen product, transportation and rent. Mike also spent time with our older boys in the transitional ministry getting their school supplies, books and uniforms ready, as high school starts in the morning. 

Tomorrow, Wednesday, Mike will be teaching the bible study in Marose. He would love it if you would join us in prayer for open hearts and understanding, along with some good dialogue. Then on Thursday they will be passing out more Bibles.

Mike also spent time visiting with JeanDenis, our pastor in DeForce, which is part of Pass Rien. I wanted to share his story with you.

JeanDenis was born 5th of 9 children. By the time he was in 9th grade he was on his own. He went to school in Gonaives and worked for family friends in construction. He knew he did not want to return to DeForce and he knew he needed to get more education, so while attending his 13th grade he also attended professional school to become a mason. He had a difficult time paying for both schools and helping to support his family, which is expected of you if you get any kind of work. He was kicked out of school for non payment a few times. He also had a hard time passing  the final exam given by the government because of the schooling he missed. He did pass on his 2nd attempt.

During this time he had friends that kept telling him he needed to come back to DeForce because of a new church. He eventually went back and saw his spiritual life grow dramatically as he saw people in his village get set free, walk away from voodoo, and share amazing testimonies. Then he witnessed the battles between our church and the Madame, who was a Boko, one of the top witch doctors in the country. He was amazed that God kept winning the victories. He said any other organization would have put her out, but Mike invited her to the ceremony changing the name of DeForce to Bon Berger Place de Lumiere, she stood up and gave her life to the Lord and then asked the villagers forgiveness for all the bondage she had created.

He said that sometimes he was uncomfortable with all the miracles and deliverances he saw, but he said "when I shut my eyes I could feel that it was the Holy Spirit and I knew He was leading me in the right direction". He said every one complimented him on how motivated he was, but he said "really people did not know how scared I was, until I began to worship God, then I had no fear, only peace". People started telling him that he had the gift of leadership on him, he said he kept shrinking back because he thought he was too young. He helped with the sound system instead and even though he had no music training, worship moved him and he began to learn worship, because it made him feel close to God. After a time it became apparent that it also moved others, so a few years later he found himself leading worship.

JeanDenis also applied to be a teacher at our school, but once again failed the test. On the 2nd try he passed and was offered a job as a teacher when another teacher was disqualified. A few years after that, in his words "God turned a light on and I realized that I had romantic feelings for a girl who had grown up in my village and was my friend. Then Pastor Nathan and Pastor Mike said I should get married." He bought a little piece of property to build a small house on that was extremely inexpensive, because a Boko, witch doctor, had owned it and everyone one was afraid of it. After he built and was okay, others decided to build around him and now he is in a nice little community of other church members. He has shown such leadership skill that he has been appointed as the pastor of our church, but he considers himself as part of a team of 6 other members who lead the church.

JeanDenis has a strong vision for community growth in Deforce to be a place of light for all the surrounding villages. He is happily married with a baby girl and feels very blessed. He is a joy to be around. We consider him a treasure to the ministry. Please lift JeanDenis and his family, along with the church leadership up to God in prayer.