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October 9, 2017


We wanted to let you know that Haiti experienced a 5.9 earthquake Saturday evening. The center of the earthquake was in Port-de-Paix. Please pray for the people of Haiti. There is a lot of fear, because of the memories from the earthquake in Port-au-Prince in 2010. Many are sleeping outside tonight. Pastor Nathan said our Children's Village is alright, but our new school building in Perou is broken. I am not sure what other damage has occurred. Please pray for peace for the people and that the after shocks are minimal. We will update as we learn more.

We have arrived back in the states and I want to share some highlights. We had extremely limited power and only one day of internet, which is why I was only able to get one prayer partner email out to you. Thank you for praying, even though we did not give direction of what to pray for. God knows what we need and when we need it, and honors prayers even when there are no details, only prompting to pray from the Holy Spirit.

Nathan, Mike and I visited the village of Bout Nat, the new village Nathan felt led to pray over and visit. I mostly walked the grounds and prayed, claiming the territory and its people for Jesus. Nathan mostly networked trying to find out the most influential people of the village and Mike gathered a crowd together and talked with them and encouraged them. It cracked both Nathan and I up as we watched him from a distance. He had the crowd laughing and sharing with him. It was obvious that the Holy Spirit had gone before us. When we got back we had a email from a dear friend saying to "just be ourselves and God would do the rest". That is exactly what each of us had done. We did feel like we got confirmation to have a crusade in Bout Nat after our visit there. So Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday night we had a crusade. Thursday night there were 33 salvation's, including one little 11 year old girl called Ti Chi. Ti Chi took it upon herself to be my 'bodyguard' as I walked the grounds praying. She told Mike that I was going to far out of sight and that she was worried about me. She stuck by me like glue from then on  :)  There were 36 salvation's over the next three evenings for a total of 69. It was so encouraging. The village is very much like Pass Rein was, steeped in voodoo, painted voodoo temples and voodoo flags all around. A very dark place, needing the light of Christ to invade and set it free. Please pray for the stronghold of satan to be broken and the captives set free. God gave us the miracle of Pass Rein and we are believing for Bout Nat.

Rodelene, one young women who gave her life to God in Bout Nat, shared that she is 21 and has a little girl who is 18 months old. She said she is not married, but she is living with a man who is not faithful to her. She said that before giving her life to Christ she would have very bad dreams at night, but now she has experienced victory. She said she had been very sick and had been taken to the witch doctor, but he had been unable to help her. She said this caused her to realize that witchcraft has no power. She said she was demon possessed, but now free. She shared that her prayer requests were for the man she lives with to become a  "real Christian" and for a bible. We passed out the Creole Bibles that we had, but we need to purchase more. We can get a complete bible in Haitian Creole for $10. If you feel lead, the people of Bout Nat would love more bibles.  Please continue to lift Rodelene, Ti Chi and the village of Bout Nat up in your prayers, and thank you for covering us in prayers, we depend on them.


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