Friday, October 12, 2018

September 24, 2018

Thank you so much for your prayers, our time here in Haiti has gone very well. Chris has been working with Ian and Mary to up-date child sponsor photos and information. Power and internet are always a problem, but this morning we finally received internet :)  We have had very little power since arriving. It has come in increments of 15 to 40 minuets and only on some days. This email I have worked on 4 times so far, hopefully I will be able to send it this time.

The Pastors conference went better than expected. It was great watching the pastors faces as new revelation came to them. It was hard for them to really grasp that they have indeed been given the keys to God's Kingdom, all the love, all the power, and all the authority given to Jesus has now been given to them to do the works that He has called them to do.....Amen

We have been visiting the schools. It has been fun seeing the children in their uniforms and backpacks arriving at school in groups, with big smiles on their faces. It has also been fun taking photos and working with the children, some of them have such beautiful smiles, some have very shy smiles and a few crack us up as they open their lips wide and grit their teeth, thinking they are smiling the way we want them to.  Every one of them is so precious.

The medical clinic is also running very well, and has been recommended, and approved, for 3 special programs by the Haitian Government; STD's, Tuberculosis, and Immunizations. This is a big deal for the clinic and this ministry.

Pastor Nathan has felt like God is calling us to share the gospel in a new village. So this afternoon Pastor Nathan, Chris and I will be going to the village. The village is called Bout Nat. Pronounced like boot nat. It seams right to us and the Holy Spirit to go and meet with the people there, to look for signs that the gospel is welcome in the village. If we receive confirmation, then we will have a short crusade in the village on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening to preach the good news of Jesus in a very dark place. The village is similar to Pass Rein. It currently has no school or church and is very heavily involved in voodoo. Please pray that we are lead by the Holy Spirit, and not our own ambitions.

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