Saturday, June 15, 2019


I wanted to give a quick update and request for prayer.

Last Saturday Nathan and Mike baptized 20 new believers. When we have a baptism sometimes there are on lookers at the river that ask if they can be baptized also, usually one of the pastors will then spend  some time talking with them and explain what they will be choosing. Last Saturday there were 3 on lookers who chose to be baptized.

Today, this Saturday there will be another baptism, last Saturday was in Pass Rein, this time it will be in Marose, although we have heard that an additional 12 people from Pass Rein want to come down to Marose and be baptized with the Marose village people. Please be praying that once again there will be on lookers who choose to give their hearts to Jesus and be baptized. Please also pray for the church leaders who will be teaching the new believers classes and reaching out to them. Mike will be preaching in Pass Rein, Sunday morning and would appreciate prayer for that as well.

Mike said that the second Pastors conference went really well. At first it was going to be cancelled due to all the unrest in Gonaives. But Nathan said even though he told the Pastors of the cancellation, they started showing up, so many so, that Nathan called Mike and asked him to try getting there through back roads. He said it went very well and was worth the risk for everyone. Please keep praying for safety for Nathan, Mike and our leaders.

Mike said that the manifestations and violence are getting worse in Gonaives. It has affected business, schools, the marketplace and most of the peoples lives. He said that when you get to the main road there are people stationed along the road letting everyone know if it is safe to be on the main road or not. If not they all walk around the corner a block and wait a while for the manifestation to pass. The people are trying to go about their daily business, but it is getting more and more dangerous. It was supposed to be getting better. We have friends in Haiti that were not able to get back to Gonaives for a week and another one that found a small ministry plane to get her back to Gonaives yesterday. It is so hard on the people trying to go about their daily business. Please pray for the people. These manifestations are paid for by the opposition and not the choice of the regular people.

Please continue to faithfully pray. We need your prayers very much so.

Blessings, Chris

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