Thursday, August 29, 2019


We hope you are enjoying the end of your summer.
We wanted to share some great news with you. David or O Jess, as some of you might know him by, has been with us in the Children's Village since the very beginning. He was very shy as a child growing up. Like many little boys in Haiti he loved playing soccer and he still does. He was and is one of the quietest kids I know. When he aged out of the Children's Village, he moved into our transitional home for boys, which is part of our home in Gonaives. He has been a great addition, quietly fitting in with the other boys. He had a difficult school year in 8th grade, with barely passing grade marks. Nathan had a talk with him. We also had a talk with him, explaining that part of the privilege of  being in the transitional house was to keep his grades up. We asked some of the other boys to help him, especially in math. We prayed. They prayed. David took it seriously and did his best this past school year. The school exams are graded by the government, so you do not receive the scores til mid to late August. We just received the news that David was laureate
for his school. We are so thrilled! He had such an amazing turn around. Thank you so much for coming along side of David by supporting the boys transitional house and this ministry.

Blessings, Chris

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