Thursday, March 29, 2018

March 11, 2018

Mike here,

As I was preparing to teach a conference to 200 pastors and leaders in Haiti, I asked God to show me how to help them really understand His amazing grace. 
   Here's the true story;

   It was nearing the end of an 8 night crusade in Poteau, Haiti. We had seen an amazing turnout of people. Many had been saved, and many had been set free from demons and addictions. I had just finished preaching, and was resting off to the side of the stage while others were praying. I was exhausted, and was just marveling at the move of God that we had seen so far.

   As I looked around, my eye caught something off in the distance coming towards me. It was hard to make out at first. As it came closer, I could hardly believe my eyes. It looked like 2 men carrying something strange, and a woman pointing and directing them this way. As they came even closer, I could see that the 2 men were carrying a young man, but the young man was so crippled and bound up, that he was as stiff as a board. He was in such a peculiar position that he could neither sit nor stand on his own.

   The woman came right up to me and asked if I could help them. The woman was the mother of the young man, and the 2 men were just helpers. The mother said that the boy had been this way for about 5 years. She had taken him to many witch-doctors, but they had only succeeded in taking her goats, and her chickens, and all her money, but could not do anything for her son. She was poor, and scared, and desperate for some real help. Finally some friends of hers told her to go to God. But how, and where? They said to try going to the crusade happening just down the road. 

   My heart was moved with compassion for her, but I felt so helpless. And then I heard God say; "Let me show you my grace." I quickly called for several pastors to come and help me pray for them. I told them that, "if they would just ask, they would see God!" In just a few minutes we could see movement in the boy. He sat down on the bench, that he was previously just leaning against. His face began to change. In a few more minutes he began to smile, and sit up-right. We were so encouraged. It was hard to believe what we were seeing, right before our eyes as we prayed. 

   After only 15 or 20 minutes, the young man was completely restored, and shouted out; "Hallelujah !" It was so amazing..... I was crying, the mother was crying, the people around us were screaming and jumping up and down. 
I asked the young man if he was a Christian and he said "I don't think so, but I would like to see more of Jesus." I said; "Indeed son, since your body is now full of Jesus, then your soul should be also."
We lead the young man, the mother, the 2 men, and several others to a new life in Jesus right then and there....

   A few short weeks later, I was teaching the pastors conference on grace. Could I have had any better example, or story about true grace then that?.........

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