Thursday, March 29, 2018

March 19, 2018


As we are preparing to leave for Haiti tomorrow, we would really appreciate your prayers. This trip will include a few different things than the normal, (so what is normal?). Both Chris and I will be going with 2 of our children, Lydia and Jonathan. We hope to be signing their final adoption papers in Port-au-Prince on the 20th. Please pray with us for this, as we have been working, hoping, and praying for this for almost 8 years. We have had so many heart-breaking setbacks along this journey, but we have never given up, we have just given it to God, over and over and over.

   We will also be orchestrating a major Life-Giving Church effort for Easter. 11 churches will be participating in this effort to reach the people of Haiti with the "good news" that Jesus has risen and we who are in Jesus, have risen with Him. Please pray for the powerful work of the Holy spirit to draw all men, and women, unto Himself. "For Jesus is the true giver of life."

   Easter is not a well recognized holiday in Haiti, as it comes at the end of 2 months of celebrating Karnival and then RaRa, both are Voodoo holidays. Most of Haiti is held captive to the strongholds of Voodoo, but over the past few years we have seen an amazing new receptivity to the good news of the gospel of Jesus. And there are other small ministries like ours reporting hundreds of conversions per year. Your continued support of  New Generation Ministries has seen almost 5,000 new believers in the past 6 years. 

   The eyes of Haitian people who have been in the dark for generations and generations are being opened. Please pray with us for these New Generations of Haitians who can see this new  revelation of the great love and mercy of our God....... Thank you so much......

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