Monday, January 25, 2010

Prayer Partners: There has been an amazing out pouring of prayers, love and resources to help the poor and afflicted in Haiti. This morning what New Generation Ministries is doing in relief efforts was shared from the pulpit of churches in several states in the USA and several churches across Canada. It is powerful the compassion that you have right now to put your faith in action. It also has been amazing watching God put the connections together from many places in North America and among many different denominations. It truly has been the body of Christ working together.
It has been one week since we placed the 1st container in the Fairway shopping center. The 1st container is over halfway filled, and filling fast. The 2nd container will be filled with Gleaners dried vegetable soup mix from the Okanagan Gleaners. Okanagan Gleaners is staffed completely by volunteers working to feed the poor. Both of these containers should be full within a week or so and headed to Florida to be placed on a barge to Gonaives, Haiti. I will personally be there to receive them and to make sure they are distributed properly. A 3rd container is now beginning to be filled with building materials, supplies and tools to help create jobs and houses for those who lost theirs. The task before us will be easier if we join together.
Please pray for those who are hurting and in need that God would meet them and save them. Pray for God to show you what you can give and do to serve them out of the abundance of what He has given you, Tell your friends and others in your realm of influence to see what they can do as well. This amazing effort has been made possible by all of us working together to see what God is calling each one of us to do. This way the load does not fall on only a few, but is shared by the contribution of many.
Please continue to pray for food, water and money, We have been told in Gonaives rice is as high as $80 US for 50lbs. We can buy a 50lb bag of rice in Bellingham for $17. It will be a while before things are stabilized again and hopefully not back to normal............
Blessings and many, many Thanks....................Mike and Chris

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