Saturday, January 16, 2010

Prayer Partners: Conditions in Haiti are getting worse and will get a lot worse before they get better. Looting, stealing and desperate actions are all over the country. Water is very scarce, Food is becoming scarce fast. The banks and Western Union have been closed for so long that money is scarce, and the cost of any available supplies are rising fast. I have instructed Nathan to stock up on any foods that he can afford, until I can get more to him. He has to have a couple guy's go with him for protection. We have emptied the shelves of our medical clinic to help those hurting in Port-Au-Prince. We have been feeding more in the community that either lost their supplies or can no longer afford food because of the rising cost. Please continue to pray for them and the ability to get food and feed those in need around them as well. Please consider contributing to the huge financial burden that this is causing.
We have had several good qualified volunteers standing by to go to the disaster site to help in person, but all the warnings have indicated that it is just not safe right now. The American Embassy has issued evacuation notice for all Americans to leave Haiti. I am very appreciative of those that would sacrifice their own time energy and money to go help those in need, but as the leader of this ministry, I cannot feel right about engaging until I get a better indication of the safety of the team. I will keep you all posted.
We have also just added a 3rd container to the effort of relief and rebuilding. This container is designated for building supplies, lumber. hardware, tools and related supplies. These materials and supplies are either very expensive or not available at all in Haiti. Please consider how you could help with this cause.............Thank you very much for your prayers and support for the Haitian people.............Mike

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