Sunday, August 29, 2021


Hope you are all enjoying your last few days of summer. 

I am writing to you today asking for you to stand in battle with us for Pass Rein, one of the mountain villages we minister in. Pastor Nathan and our church in Pass Rein are holding a crusade for eight nights on the the dirt soccer field in their community. Each evening into the night they will be worshiping and praying, they will be battling and contending with God for their community because,
They see the mountain, 
They are in the shadows of evil,
They WILL be fighting on their knees with their hands lifted high,
They WILL be battling and believing God for the mountain to be moved and for the VICTORY that is His.

As I write you today I am reminded of a song by Phil Wickham. The song's chorus says "nothing can stand against the power of our God". Some of the words are;

When all I see is the battle
You see my victory
When all I see is the mountain
You see a mountain moved
And as I walk through the shadow
Your love surrounds me
There's nothing to fear now
For I am safe with You

So when I fight I'll fight on my knees
With my hands lifted high
Oh God the battle belongs to You
And every fear I lay at Your feet
I'll sing through the night
Oh God the battle belongs to You

If you want to listen to the whole song here is a link :)

Will you sing through the night with them? Will you fight on your knees with them? Believing that the battle belongs to Him, that the VICTORY is HIS! There is power in YOUR prayers!

Blessings and thank you for coming along side of us and the people of Haiti.

Mike and Chris

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