Wednesday, August 18, 2021

 Good day to you friends;

It is a tragic truth that we have come to in this world, when crime and corruption at this horrific level, are eventually swept under the rug, and the ones ultimately responsible are not brought to justice. But true "justice belongs to the Lord."

Haiti has experienced so much tragedy in recent years. On top of dealing with the assassination of their president on July 7th, Haiti has now had another serious earthquake that has rocked its southern coast. Thousands have died and many thousands have lost their houses, livestock, and businesses. Please pray with us for aid, food, water and help to reach those in need in the southern part of Haiti. 

New Generation Ministries and our Haitian leaders have been busy creating a safe environment in our villages in Haiti. The people of Haiti are very fearful right now. I have written and have translated several messages of peace and hope for the current unstable conditions in Haiti. "The Kingdom of Haiti will fail you, The kingdom of this world will forsake you, but the Kingdom of God will never fail or forsake you." "The peace and security of God's Kingdom is residing in you." " The Holy Spirit is the very person of Jesus living inside you." We are encouraging all in our communities to come to church, worship and fellowship together, and listen to a message of hope and encouragement in Jesus. These messages and helpful instructions have given our pastors and leaders a new way to minister to their congregations. Our radio station is broadcasting the same kind of messages plus practical community service helps like; Where it is safe and where it is not. Where they can find gas and food. And we have extra non-perishable food for those in desperate need.

We have also been busy moving forward with our Marose Market Place Sustainable Development projects. The food and freezer depots are finished, the public restrooms are almost finished, and the egg production building and tilapia fish farm are underway. This will provide jobs, job training, and entrepreneurial opportunities for hard working families. It will provide hope to the people of Haiti. 

Please continue to pray for Haiti. America is pushing hard for a new Presidential Election as soon as possible. Unless this election is handled carefully and correctly, it will just be another big problem to be dealt with in a few years, and another big problem that the poor people will suffer from.

We do want to thank you for coming alongside of the Haitian people and supporting them financially and prayerfully. It is more crucial now than ever that we pray for people as assassinations', earthquakes and flooding from the tropical storm bring more chaos to the people. Please pray that true peace  and hope will reign in their hearts and lives.


Mike and Chris Leland

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