Monday, April 26, 2021

 Hi friends; 

I'm so glad to send you an up-date to let you celebrate with us, a powerful work that God is doing right now, as we speak, in a small, dark, and isolated village, called Myan. We have ministered in this village for several years. We have been teaching a Bible study and ministry time there every Monday night. Not long ago the people of Myan, along with many of the village leaders, came to us and said that they were fed up with the darkness and Voodoo there, as it was hurting their children and ruining their village. After hearing of the stories of the miraculous spiritual revival at Pass Rien, they asked Pastor Nathan what they could do to receive such favor from God in their village. 

Pastor Nathan and I went to Myan a couple of months ago and we drove a huge stake in the ground, claiming the territory of Myan for the Kingdom of God. All the people prayed and fasted, asking God to move over their village. 

All last week we had an evangelistic crusade in the village of Myan.  During the crusade 56 new believers gave their hearts to Jesus and gained eternal life. Praise God! Thank you so much for your prayer support!

One heart wrenching story, was of a 16 year old girl, who was a reluctant 3rd generation witch doctor. Her parents and grandparents said that she had no choice in the matter. When she refused to take her position as a witch doctor, she said that they made her a sex slave to other women of Voodoo. She cried so hard as she told us of her pain and humiliation that lasted for years, She said; "Satan had broken my life, but now finally, Jesus has given me new life and I am not broken any more!"    

Oh' praise God for this precious young soul. And pray for her complete healing and wholeness in Jesus name......
Also, please continue to pray with us for a powerful move of God over the village of Myan, Haiti.


Mike and Chris Leland

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