Thursday, September 23, 2021


We want to thank you for your prayers, Mike made it to Gonaives safely. He has been spending time visiting the different areas of our ministry.

Today, Mike shared "it is obvious by the response, that I was intended to be here now. I have been very impressed by their handling of the ministry in my absence.
I have been encouraging the staff that they don't just have a job, but a ministry, called and equipped by God for the people of Haiti .
It's more than that they are glad to see me. It's like they have been waiting to show me how well they have been doing, and (wanting to know) what messages I am bringing to them".

Thank you for your coming along side of us to help the Haitian people help themselves. God is allowing us to see the fruit of the seeds planted for the last 13 years. While living in Haiti God blessed us with being able to see the fruit of salvations, healings and deliverances as we came along side of Him. Something not all missionaries are blessed to see during their time serving Him. Now, incredibly, we are so very privileged to see the years poured into prayer, sacrifice, ministering, discipling and leadership training begin to come into fruition. We are so grateful for your part in this. My heart is reminded of the words in a song

"Beyond the burial there’s a resurrection
Your will be done in me
In the stillness all around
You are working all the details out
What’s in me will grow someday
I trust Your timing and Your ways" 

In the chorus are the words:

"He holds the time that I will rise... God through my life be glorified".

May God be glorified through their lives. 

If you are interested in listening to the song here is the link

Blessings, Chris

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