Monday, July 13, 2009

July 13th 2009
Just a quick note of appreciation for all the people that have lately been putting their Faith in Action. It is one thing to say that we are so touched by the stories we hear about the children in Haiti. And quite another to do something about it. The poverty and the oppression on these children is almost insurmountable for them to have any chance at an upbringing that will allow them to be sustainable and have a family of their own, if they even live that long. But some of you lately are amazing examples to all of us.
A Garage sale that netted over $10,000. A worship/Dance performance, for" the least of these". A children s walk-a-thon, where families with small children can walk a couple blocks and show first hand how to put even the smallest Faith in Action. A hot dog stand for the support of the participants of the next mission team. These simple acts, are exactly what Jesus was talking about in Mt. 25:31. And these simple acts are what is building a new orphanage for these children and providing them with a new well of clean drinking water, and sending them to free school and feeding them....Get the connection....We do, and we thank you....Very much....Mike

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