Saturday, January 25, 2020


Hope you are enjoying your Saturday. I am excited to share with you that this afternoon Mike, along with our good friend and board member Greg Neufeldt, will be leaving for Haiti. After so many cancelled trips Nathan and the other Haitian pastors are thrilled.

Greg and Mike will be visiting the different villages and schools, checking in on the medical/dental clinic, the Children's Village and our transitional home. Mike will also be teaching the pastors through out his three weeks in Haiti, but during the two day Pastors Conference in particular. Nathan and Mike will also be holding a conference that will be open to all the pastors, leaders and people from the different villages. The vision or direction he feels God is leading as he teaches, will be on Equipping the Saints. Please be praying as they lead in this direction. We are excited to see the people grow in their understanding of who God has created each one of them to be, and their walking out of that purpose and calling.

Because of Mike having to cancel some of his trips, he video taped a couple of his messages both to encourage and teach. He will be checking up on how accessible these were to the different churches. He feels led to continue video taping his Basic Life Giving Curriculum, so that as new churches join they will have the same understanding. Please also be praying as we move forward in this area.

The above photos are from a few days ago. Nathan had felt like God said to go past Pass Rein, on the highway towards Cap Haitian, just before the village of Ennery, where women gather along the side of the road to sell avocados or mangoes depending on the season. So he drove up there and shared the gospel and led 23 women and some of their families to the Lord! God is so merciful and good! We thank you for your faithful prayers and ask that you would continue to lift Greg, Nathan, Mike and the ministry up as they spend the next three weeks serving the people of Haiti and traveling around the country. The roads and areas are safer, but still dangerous. Thank you so much.

Blessings, Chris

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