Sunday, December 20, 2020

 Miracle in La Hatte

Good evening, 

We wanted to share some exciting news with you.

Recently, Pastor Nathan, (our ministry partner in Haiti), was approached by a fellow pastor from our area, who told him that he thought God was asking him to go into a small village not too far from us, to do an evangelistic crusade. He asked Pastor Nahtan if would we help him. Pastor Nathan told the pastor that he was very busy and was trying to stay focused on what he already had on his plate, instead of taking on more. But he told the pastor that he would pray about it, and let him know. We brought the proposition up in our next pastors and leaders meeting, and asked them to pray also. After a week of praying, many in the group called Pastor Nathan with what they thought was an encouragement from God, to go ahead with the crusade. Pastor Nathan said he also felt the same urging from God.

So we went into the village of La Hatte, to do a short 4-night evangelistic crusade. We had many praying that God would show His love and power to the people attending this event. But we never imagined how much so. Each evening God moved powerfully and some received salvation. By the end of the 4 nights 200 men, women, and young people, had given their lives to Jesus. Many were healed, and many more were delivered from the power of darkness in their lives, setting them free for the very first time.

We have been sending in teams of leaders to give Bibles to these new converts, and to enroll them in new believers classes, new identity classes, baptism classes, and communion classes. We are sincerely trying to help them become more then converts, but new disciples of the Lord Jesus. 

Take heart and be encouraged as you hear these miraculous testimonies. God IS alive and moving in power, and compassion, among the people He loves. Please know that your prayers and financial support are making a difference and helping this ministry follow God into these dark villages. We hope these stories encourage you and build your faith.

When the gospel story tells us that the Good Shepherd will leave the ninety-nine sheep in the pasture, and go looking for the lost one, this is exactly what they are talking about. Our God will not forsake "blessing the poor in spirit who are seeking Him, for they will be found".

Please keep the new believers in La Hatte in your prayers.

Thank you and bless you and your family with a Very Merry Christmas and a hope-filled New Year.

Mike and Chris Leland

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