Saturday, December 26, 2020

 "Finish 2020 Strong"   

Hello, hoping this finds you well and hoping you had a nice Christmas.  
2020 is going into the history books as one of the most chaotic years in our lifetime. But you can "Finish 2020 Strong" by making a Life-Giving Difference to the vulnerable in Haiti. For many of us, this year has felt like, no matter what we do, nothing makes a difference any more, but you do make a difference, and you can make a Life-Giving Difference in the lives of others.

Partnering with New Generation Ministries in Haiti, is giving a "helping, hand up," to hard working families, instead of a "hurting, hand out."  Community development includes jobs, job training, along with business and financial education, and apprenticeship opportunities for young men and women who want to rise up out of the poverty and oppression that has held them captive for generations. You are helping Haitians achieve a sustainable, quality of life, one village at a time.

"How can I help?" Good question. I'm so glad you asked. New Generation Ministries is a low overhead organization that pays no staff salaries in the U.S. and personally accounts for every dollar spent in Haiti. We are overseen by the ECFA, the top financial watchdog organization. Giving you the confidence of knowing that your gift is indeed making a real difference.

In-spite of a world pandemic, and  national hardship in Haiti, New Generation Ministries will "Finish 2020 Strong!"  because you have helped!

The "Good Shepherd Children's Village" is thriving. Our 8 schools with over 1200 students are receiving a free quality education, and are open, and doing very well. Our 12 Life-Giving Churches have seen more than 380 new believers, and 200 baptisms in Jesus this year alone. Our medical/dental clinic is helping the poor receive the professional care they need. And we are helping develop communities with jobs and job training, along with micro finance, savings and loans, to help hard working families raise their quality of life. 

"Finish 2020 Strong"    Visit our website, and make a Life-Giving Difference for a family in Haiti today.

Blessings, Chris and Mike

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