Wednesday, October 14, 2020



God is so good. As we are starting up our churches again, they are taking turns having week long crusades. I want to share a story with you from the Poteau Crusade.   

"Here is another compassionate work of God in the life of one precious grandmother in Haiti. Her name is Theanna; She is 66 years old and a widower of 5 years. She has several children and even more grandchildren, who are all Christians living close to her and taking care of her now. She recently attended our crusade at Poteau Church, where she gave her life to Jesus. She said that she is so glad and joyful now. She wishes that she came to this new belief in Jesus a long time ago. She was a gambler in the past, but has given all that up for Jesus. When we asked if she could read the Bible, she smiled so big, and said no, but "my grandchildren love to come and sit and read it to me." 

What unspeakable joy comes from knowing Jesus in a personal way, and from being reunited with family once again. It is truly miraculous how God is working in the lives of these desperate people in Haiti.

Please pray for Theanna and her family, that the word of God, and the love of God, will grow and continue to unite them together in the name of Jesus.

Thank you so very much for helping us to come alongside of these precious souls and thank you for helping us to purchase Bibles in Haiti, in Creole for them. Please pray for the stability of the Haitian dollar. It makes it so very hard for the poor when the value of the Haitian dollar keeps dropping. For right now Co-vid seems to not be a problem, thank you for continuing to pray, we so appreciate it.

Blessings, Mike and Chris

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