Monday, March 8, 2010

Hello again,
Thanks for your prayers they are very much appreciated. The team spent the day in Port-au-Prince. One of the highlights Mike shared was praying
for the drivers wife Madame Shisnel. When they first arrived at their house she could not even sit up. She has diabetes and is very sick. The team
spent a lot of time praying over her and worshiping. By the time they were finished praying she could sit up and was out on the front porch doing
much better. They also visited miss Sherry's (sp?) She is a retired school teacher that started an orphanage in Port-au-Prince. They were housed
in quite a large house for Haiti. Half of it collapsed and the other side is 80% damaged. They lost one child in the earthquake, the others managed to
get to the damaged side of the house in time. Right now they are camping out on a different piece of land in a partially built school. The team was
also able to visit Food For The Poor today. Another piece in the works that we have, is the possibility of becoming a recognized crèche. The difference
between a recognized orphanage and a recognized crèche is the ability to do adoptions.This is something that we had on our hearts before the earthquake, the need has only become more apparent since the earthquake. Mike and Nathan were able to meet today with officials who can help to make this happen.We would appreciate prayer for this new endeavor. Tomorrow the team will be starting their travels home. Please pray for safe travel and on time flights. Remember we have yet to have this happen. It would be nice to experience once:) And please pray for the families back here in our ministry. Most of us have come under quite a bit of opposition the last few weeks. Thanks for being faithful in prayer.

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