Friday, March 5, 2010

I spoke with Mike today. The containers did not come. The team was disappointed but God's timing is right on, so we will see. Tomorrow the team will be meeting with the President of the Red Cross in Gonaives. Because of the 43 days of prayer for Port-au-Prince, they have had church every evening. Mike said that they will still be having church every night when he goes back for his next trip. Mike said there have been salvations every night. Last night Peter shared his testimony at church. Very cool. It is a little different sharing thoughts in another culture with an interpreter. The Pastor's association meeting went very well. Thank you for your prayers. Tonight Mike said when Nathan asked people to come forward he felt like God
told him that He would give Mike words for everyone that went forward. A few minuets later Nathan asked Mike to prayer over each one. As he started praying he said God did give him words to share. But our interpreters were not in church. So he had to send one of our older boys Fegens to go and
find Stenley one of our interpreters. God was so good he gave Mike words to bless everyone who went forward. Some are so shy about going up because a white guy is going to pray for them, but they are so hungry for God that they go anyway. Mike has also had an interview with a women to do a bible study with the older girls. The older boys have both Nathan and Nathaniel. The smaller children have Nadine and Betsy. Mike has been thinking that the older girls need someone to exhort and encourage them. Most (not all) young girls think all their future holds is to get pregnant and struggle to get by. There is not much thought about opportunities. There is not much hope. He spent quite awhile talking to her about how he would like the girls to be encouraged to get an education and to understand that there are opportunities. To give them hope of a future. So she will be meeting with the girls and Mike will talk to her and the girls in April when he goes again. Please pray that this bears good fruit. Thank you so much for your prayer it is
so obvious when people pray because God shows up.
Again blessings,

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