Thursday, March 4, 2010

Just heard from Mike, the team is doing well. They have repaired the wall and roof of our toilet and shower for the children. The ship with our 3 containers is supposed to come in to port today. Please pray that the ship arrives and that they are able to receive the containers tomorrow. There are 3 areas near
Gonaives that they would like to distribute to and then on Sunday after church they would like to go south and distribute to and around Port-au-Prince. The team has also been able to visit our little school in the poor part of Gonaives. They passed out candy and prayed over the teachers and children. At Maurice's funeral a connection was made and some of his relatives that live about 1 1/2 hours north asked if we could start a Christian church in their village. They said no one else was working in their area. So the team was able to visit the village. Mike said the village was beautiful, not a term used very often in Haiti. It is up in the mountains. Mike said it was remote and had no school. The villagers showed them a piece of land that is about 1 acre, they said they would like to donate the land if we would plant a church in their village. The team walked and prayed over the property. They also lead one man to the Lord. They were also able to pray over the village children and once again pass out candy. They were all really blessed by the experience. Tomorrow Mike will teach our Pastor's association. Please pray that they are blessed and encouraged by what Mike shares. Again, thanks so much for your prayers, through them God just keeps working.
Blessings, Chris

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