Wednesday, January 26, 2022

 Good evening,

I wanted to start with a praise report on the high volume agricultural wells for the Farmers Association.

From Mike, "We had a Farmers Association meeting. 
The man with the orange t-shirt  is one of the directors. He says they have not had adequate water since the hurricane in 2004. Then, no rain till the hurricane in 2008,(I was there). Then drought till 2012. Then, they dredged the river to get gravel to build the road. Now the river is lowered so the beginning of the irrigation canals sit high above the water level. They are in extreme poverty. They are barely surviving.

We are starting the second, high capacity well near the canal heads next week. We are designing a solar system with submersible pumps for day use. No power needed, no batteries needed.

These wells will directly effect over 350 families and indirectly thousands. 

Just hearing that we are doing this project has brought me one very interested owner of the Louisiana Hot Sauce Co wanting these farmers to grow Habanero peppers. And another wanting us to grow Soybeans for them. Its hard to contain the tears of joy as I report this to you. Praise the Lord."  "God has brought us life again."

This is so huge for so many families, please Praise God and pray for the drilling to be successful. 

Another praise report is for the Poteau church, they baptized ten people. Most churches in Haiti discourage baptism until after a few years of being a Christian, but then some fall away. So we offer a short class and then encourage them to be baptized. Please be praying for them.

And, yet another praise report. The update for Larry is, " The procedure went well, they ground away the calcium in three of his arteries, and put three stints in his descending aorta. He didn't have to have a double bypass, there is no balloon, or impella in his heart, so it's pumping on its own. Dr. said good blood flow, good everything. They are going to move him to a different place to start the recovery process." "There will be some elective surgeries to be had, but as right now we are finished and hopefully by next week Larry will be coming home."  Praising God, He is good.

So, a bit long for a prayer partner but so many things to Praise God for. Thank you so much for coming alongside of us and helping us help the people of Haiti. Thank you for helping to usher in the KINGDOM.


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