Saturday, January 29, 2022


I wanted to share an update and a story with you. Also I wanted to thank you for your prayers, they mean a lot to us.  First the update for Thursday at the crusade was 5 salvations and 4 healings and a dozen deliverances. I don't know how Friday night or tonight have gone. Mike ended up with such a bad sore throat (from the kids in the Children's Village, not covid) he could not preach Tuesday or Wednesday at the crusade, instead he preached Friday night and will be preaching as I write this tonight. Please pray for hearts to open up to Jesus, the crusade will go through Sunday night. 

Mike held another Pastors Conference on Friday. He said it went really well. Nathan had each pastor stand up and share how the ministry and teachings have impacted them and their ministry.

Then today, Saturday, Nathan held a New Year's Celebration with all the staff. I will include some photos on the bottom of this letter. It was much appreciated and a great time. 

Tomorrow morning Mike will be preaching at Bout Nat, again we would appreciate your prayers. I am not sure if Nathan will be leading worship there or at another church. Please pray for all of the churches Sunday morning.

And now for the story. I had shared about two brothers named Lemeque and Fedler. Both of whom have close family in America but they feel called to remain in Haiti and share about Jesus. This is the "rest" of the story from Fedler. 

Hello, my name is Fedler. I am working as the administrator of the good shepherd mission. I am so excited to share my story with you .
I was 9 years old when my mom left Haiti ahead of my dad to go living in USA so two years after my father moved over there.
My parents let our grandmother and grandfather to take care of all of us.( 4 brothers ).
 My father never comes back to Haiti since after he went in 1996. He promised to come at the moment of his mother's death three years ago but he was so scared about the politics , so he didn't come. 
My mother came back twice , the last time was in my marriage in 2017. 
My father, as a pastor left the church on the responsibility of Pastor Clervois and Chael. Before going to America, my father baptised me in my premature age because he witnessed how much I love Jesus.  Praise the Lord  that 
I am still shining for the Lord by making choir sing and leading the Youngs guys to the Lord . I am a musician like my dad , my cousin Pastor Nathan and other relatives of mine. So playing music is a inherited gift 
I am married in 2017 with a Christian daughter but unfortunately her father till his death, never went to church. But her mother is renowned for a good Christian .
I have 2 healthy children.
In my job as administrator, I always give good example to everyone and I preach whenever it's necessary. My faith always helps me for whatever enterprise that I work. 
My father tried a lot to help me moving to America but he failed. And this is according to God's plan. 
So for the time being I don't longer follow neither my own desire nor that of my father but that of the Lord , either to visit  America ,to stay serving my people or going to live with my father and mother. 

Our friend Jonas then asked Fedler these questions.

1) how did you feel when your parents forsook you to move to America? 
I felt so sad at the beginning but after a while I felt okay because my grandparents treated us so carefully. 
2) do they still have contacts with you? 
Yes,  even when we were teenagers,  they always provided for our needs. 
3) what if your parents ask you to move also to America? 
I am not interested.  I notice that God's eyes are on me so it's not up to me to decide. 
4) how does pastor Mike influence you in life? 
Oh,  he is a man of God,  always have good message to share to encourage us. 
5) what are your persecutions like? 
Some times bad strengths ( spirits) come to fight us in the night .
5) how long have you been working here?  More than 6 months .

I love Fedler's heart, it is very much for the people of Haiti. He has been our administrator for 6 months, but has served in church for over 15 years. Please continue to lift him and his family up in prayer.
We are so appreciative of your faithful prayers.

Blessings, Chris

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