Sunday, January 23, 2022



We wanted to thank you for your prayers. They have been such a blessing. Please read through to the end as we have some important prayer requests.

The pastor’s conference went really well. Mike shared with them his vision of the different parts of the ministry fitting together to reach all people, especially addressing poverty in a holistic manner. He also shared that he sees the ministry becoming more of a transformational movement. This really excited them. They want to have meetings to get all aspects of the ministry involved in reaching more of the community and doing more than just their job or ministry, but transforming Haiti. They are asking questions like "How can the Market Place demonstrate the love of God and love of others". It is such a blessing to see them grab hold of what God is doing in a bigger picture way.

Dr. Ralph, who has been with us since the beginning has family in America and so do two other leaders, Lemeque and Fedler. Each of these leaders have had opportunities and offers to move to America, but all three have turned the offers down over the years. They have each come to a place where they look at what they do in the ministry as the calling God has placed on their lives. It is really incredible when you think of it, they are definitely choosing to live a life of sacrifice. God has blessed us with some amazing, and incredible leaders. 

So I will share about church and then some prayer requests. Mike said there were 2 salvations in Pass Rein's church this morning and 2 salvations in Bout Nat. Mike taught in Myan's church. He said that an older lady, who was a guest asked him a question in church. She said that every night she was tormented with demons and battles. Mike explained that if you are a Christian Jesus gives us authority over darkness and that satan has no power over Christians, that he is a liar and full of deception. Mike then asked if anyone else had this problem. Twenty other people came forward. They prayed for them and they were set free. Praise God! Mike then shared that they came from a dark place and they had become accustomed to think this was a normal thing to be harassed in the night. He shared that they had the authority to tell the enemy to go, that the enemy has no authority over them because they belonged to Jesus. He said some of them had huge smiles on their faces.

Tomorrow Nathan and Mike will hike up Prayer Mountain and spend a good portion of the day praying for direction and vision for the ministry. They would appreciate your prayers.

Tonight the crusade started, we would love it if you would join us in prayer for salvations, healings and miracles. Mike will be preaching Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.

We also would appreciate prayer for a friend named Larry Phlaum, he designed our website for us and volunteers to help maintain it. He also is over the website for NCCTK in Lynden. He is in desperate need of prayers, he has had a heart attack, and is in the hospital, they have found he has 95% blockage and if I understand right, they are trying to get him stable so that he can have surgery this week. Please partner with us in praying for Larry, he has been such a blessing to this ministry.

Blessings, Chris


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