Monday, January 24, 2022


I wanted to update you on yesterdays prayer request for Larry our website manager.
 We received this update from NCCTK a few hours ago:

The cardio team thinks that Larry is in good shape to handle the procedure. Apparently, Larry’s heart somehow created a bypass on its own and that is likely how he had been surviving up to this point. They are going to attempt another bypass and also clear two of the blockages. They seem to feel confident. They gave a 10 to 20% failure risk chance. He heads into surgery between noon and one. They estimated a 2 to 3 hour procedure. Please continue to pray."

The surgery will be tomorrow, Tuesday. We really appreciate your prayers, and are so thankful for you.

I also wanted to share a story from the Poteau church. It is a testimony from Renald, he is 18 years old. He shares that it has been one month since his mother and father brought him to church to meet Jesus. He says "he feels comfortable in the Lord" and that he regularly goes to church now. He shared that before coming to Jesus he used to dance Rara (which is a moving street party involving voodoo) and in his words "run after pleasure and drink alcohol". He says that fortunately God has changed him and that he understands His word. When he was asked why he had not come to church before, he replied it was because "I had no shoes or clothing". He requested prayer because "I dropped out of school when I was in 5th grade, I felt I couldn't study and I felt desperate, incapable and forsaken". He helps his mother and father in the garden. He has not been baptized yet, but would like to be and he would like a bible. He says his parents are very poor, but they love Jesus. Please lift Renald up in prayer. And please continue to pray for the nightly crusade at Denonville. Nathan is leading worship and Mike will be preaching tomorrow, Tuesday, and again on Wednesday night.

On Sunday Nathan and Mike also had a community meeting regarding the Market Place. They addressed the different opportunities that would be available and talked about the training for finances, safety, cleanliness and community spirit.

On Wednesday they will be having another meeting with the farmer's association. This will be multifaceted, part of it on growing soybeans and corn for our chicken feed and also growing  habanero peppers for wholesale for a business that sells retail. Thank you again for your faithful prayers.

Blessings, Chris

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