Friday, November 9, 2012

Just a short update. Nathan took the team to Port-au-Prince this morning. He is staying in Arcahaie tonight. Mike had one more meeting with the pastor's association this morning. He said the meeting with the mentor for the older girls went well, the girls seemed to like her. She is going to be meeting with the older girls twice a month to encourage them. Thank you for praying.
Tomorrow Mike will go into Gonaives to work on some things for our move to Haiti, he said he will also try and go to Jubilee. Both Nathan and Mike will go to the crusade in the evening again. Please continue to pray for the Spirit of God to touch many hearts during the crusade. I will post a photo of the team. And I will leave you with a verse from Isaiah.

 It is Isaiah 45:8.
                        "You heavens above, rain down
                          let the clouds shower it down.
                          Let the earth open wide,
                          let salvation spring up,
                          let righteousness grow with it;
                          I, the Lord, have created it.
Thanks and Blessings,

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