Monday, November 5, 2012

Your prayers were very much appreciated today. Mike met with Doctor Ralph and our two nurses, and because of your support at the mission store this summer, Rose and Steph were able to send some important medical equipment with Mike on this trip. One of which was an ultra sound Doppler, which will allow Dr. Ralph to monitor a baby's heart beat during pregnancy, among other things. Dr. Ralph was thrilled. They also sent glucometers, there is a high rate of diabetes in Haiti. Many thanks to all of you that helped to purchase this equipment.The crusade went really well tonight. There were about 500 people in attendance. The crusade is being held in Poteau, the newest village we work in. They are holding the crusade in a large field by a school. The worship was fantastic and Pastor Rondey from South Carolina preached. Mike said he was really good and afterwards about 30 people came forward for prayer. Thank you so much for praying.
Tomorrow the team will meet with the pastor's association in the morning and then come back to the orphanage and do projects. They will be doing some carpentry and painting. I think the carpentry is shelf building, but I forgot to ask. Then in the early evening they will be going to the crusade again. So please pray for the meeting in the morning, the projects, and then again for the crusade as another pastor from South Carolina will be preaching. Pray that God prepares hearts to hear what he will be sharing and that the Haitian people will be blessed. Remember prayers move mountains :)

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