Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Today was a good day in Haiti. The pastor's conference went well this morning. Afterwards the team visited our church and school in Poteau. They also did some painting in the orphanage. Mike said that the crusade is going very well also. Tonight a new girl led worship and the Spirit of God was on her and the people were very moved. Pastor Wilmar from South Carolina shared tonight, Mike said he did an awesome job.
One of the pastor's had to fly home for a funeral and will be flying back into Port-au-Prince tomorrow, Nathan will go down and pick him up. Please pray for safe travel for both of them. In the morning there will also be another Pastor's conference and a Farmer's conference going on at the same time. One of the team members from South Carolina is also a professor at the University of South Carolina. He will be teaching the conference for the Farmer's in the area. Afterwards the team will be going up to Perou to visit our church and school. Then again in the evening the team will be going to the crusade. Please pray for continued refreshment, encouragement and vision for the Pastor's conference, and for understanding and vision at the Farmer's conference. And again for God to move during the crusade bringing healing and restoration to the people of Haiti. We really appreciate your prayers

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