Sunday, November 11, 2012

I talked with Mike today. Both he and Nathan went back up to Pass Rein yesterday. The Madame(witch doctor) usually gets a chair and sits down in the middle of things and stares. She can be intimidating. But she was not there Thursday when the team was there. And she was not there this time. Both Mike and Nathan felt like much of the tension from the past was gone and that a stronghold was broken. The Madame still lives in Pass Rein, but they both felt like God has moved her out of the way, and that something was broke in the spiritual realm. Please keep praying for Pass Rein and for the Madame. Also please pray for the man who's eyes were healed, he has opened his home up for the church to meet in. Yesterday evening there were 2 more salvation's at the crusade, one of the Haitian pastors gave the message.
This morning Mike preached in Poteau. He spoke on repentance, understanding sin and what Jesus did for us. There were 2 salvation's and at the end of the service most of the church was on their knees repenting. God really moved and touched hearts. Thank you for your continued prayers.
Tonight Mike is staying with Nathan and his wife and family. They will go to Port-au-Prince early in the morning, as Mike will be flying out. Please pray for safe travel.

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