Monday, November 5, 2012

Thank you so much for your prayers today. At the church service in Marose this morning several people gave their lives to the Lord. Praise God! This evening the Crusade started. It will last through next Sunday night. About 500 people were at the crusade tonight.They had a great worship time. One of the Haitian pastors gave the main message. Mike was also asked to share. He shared on Noah and about how the people in Noah's area saw the door of the ark open for many years. They assumed that because it had been opened a long time that it would always be open. One day though, God shut it and it was no longer open to the people. It was too late. Mike said he felt like he was supposed to share the story of Noah. And to share that yes the door is open right now, but the door will not always be open, one day it will be shut, and we do not know when it will be closed. It reminded me of a little while ago when Nathan tried to share God with the witch doctor and his wife, who lived in Marose. Nathan spoke to him the day before the witch doctor and his wife were killed. His words to Nathan that day were, "later Pastor Nathan, later". For the witch doctor and his wife there was no later, the door was closed. Sometimes we think that later we will give our heart and lives to God, when it is a convenient time, later we will serve him, after we have all of our ducks in a row, so to speak. But sometimes the days, weeks, and years go by and we still have not fully given over our lives to Him. We have not really sought the purpose God created us for. We have not truly chosen to give our all no matter what the cost. And therefore we have not fully lived. And at some point the door will be closed. I believe that I am supposed to share this tonight for three reasons, one to ask that you pray for the Spirit of God to move in the hearts of the people, the second reason is for those reading this letter that have not given their hearts to God, to encourage you to give your heart to him and seek him while the door is still open. The third reason is to encourage those who have not yet asked God to show them the purpose He created them for. We ALL have been created for a purpose and He will show you, if you ask expecting Him to answer.
Tomorrow in the early part of the day the pastor's association will meet for a conference, please pray again for a refreshing and encouraging time for them. Also please pray for the crusade in the evening and the Haitian pastor's and the South Carolina pastor's as they take turns preaching and sharing at the crusade.

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