Thursday, November 8, 2012

I spoke with Mike tonight. The day went well. The team went to the pastor's conference in the morning. Then right after the conference the team went to Pass Rien for their outreach. The weather was sunny and hot, later cooling down with some clouds, no rain, thank you so much for praying. The team prayed and then had worship. Four pastors from the team each shared a message. Then when they asked for those who wanted prayer to come forward all 200 people came forward. Mike said it was hard to know who came forward for salvation, who for healing, or who came forward because everyone else did :) The teams always have an interpreter with them when they are in the villages, so the people understood what to come forward for. At any rate the response was positive, and the team prayed with as many as they could. Afterwards the team served food to all of the people who came. Some of the pastors from the association came to the outreach to see what the team was going to do. They also joined in and helped to serve the people in the village. It made a huge impact. In Haiti there is a system or a type of hierarchy like in some other countries (really there sort of is in our own country). Also in Haiti men do not serve the women and children. So it was huge to model serving the less fortunate, especially with the pastors from the association helping to serve the women and children food. After serving the people, the team went down into the voodoo camp and prayed over the grounds and sang worship songs. One interesting thing I would like to share is about the blind man who's eyes were healed at a crusade about a year ago. Because we still have not been able to get the land the witch doctor owns, there has been talk over where the people can meet for church besides out in the open in the rain or heat. After much deliberation this man who was blind but now can see offered his home for the church to meet in, until a better place could be found. I am sure it is a very small home, all of the homes that I have seen in Pass Rein are very small. It reminds me of the story of the boy and his loaves and fish in John 6:1-13. The story of how the loaves and fish feed 5000 men plus women and children. God multiplied what was offered in love.
This evening pastor Charles gave the message at the crusade and there were 12 salvation's and another 12 that came forward for prayer. Also a severely crippled young man was brought up to the front, he was helped by some men, and his mother also came forward with him. Mike said his limbs were totally uncontrollable, his body was soiled and he had some sort of mental illness. The mother said she had taken him to more than one voodoo doctor and they had taken all of her money but had not helped her son. The mother had found him in the ditch on the side of the road today and said she did not know what to do. Someone shared about the crusade and suggested that she bring him to it. Neither of them were Christians. The team took him to the side and prayed for him for quite a while and the boy started to sit upright and smile. After a while longer he spoke and said "I feel God moving on my insides". Over the course of the evening his limbs kept straightening out. After the worship and preaching were over and the altar call was given, Mike took hold of the boys hand and together with his mother they walked to the front and the boy and his mother renounced voodoo and gave their lives to the Lord. They then found out where the boy and his mother lived and introduced them to the pastor of the church in their area, so that there will be follow up. Praise God! He is soooooooo good and soooooooo merciful.
Tomorrow most of the team will be leaving for Port-au-Prince and flying back home. Please pray for safe traveling for the team and Nathan as he drives them. Mike will stay at the orphanage for four more days. He will be having some meetings tomorrow. One of the meetings is with a mentor for the older girls in the orphanage. She is a successful, educated Haitian women who has a job with World Food, is part of a traveling worship team with her brothers, and is a Godly Christian young women. We would like her to speak into the lives of the girls in our children's village. To let them know that they can hope and dream, go to school and become whatever they want. Please pray for wisdom and discernment as they meet and as she shares with the older girls. Also please pray for Mike that his time will be fruitful. Thank you again for your prayers.

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