Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The team had another great day in Haiti. Pastor Sam and Pastor Nathan made it from Port-au-Prince up to the orphanage safely and in time to participate in some of the days events. Thank you for praying for them. The morning started out with the Pastor's conference and the Farmer's conference. Both went well. There were about 40 farmers in the farmer's conference. Pastor Eugene has a PHD and is connected to the University of South Carolina. He has formed a research group of professors to help the Haitian farmers. They are working on grants and ways to help the farmers. Pastor Eugene spent the time sharing, teaching and asking how the Haitian farmers want to be helped. Which lines up with the way we try and do things, Asking, instead of assuming we know. One of the farmers in the group was a very educated man, he is a technician that works with the farmers. He said that the farmers work in small group or co-ops and he said he had relationship with about 10 co-ops. He was excited and said that he would be able to network and get more of the groups involved. So the plan is for Pastor Eugene to come back in the early spring and meet with the co-ops, he also has vision for meeting with the country's prime minister of agriculture. So there were seeds planted today, literally :) it is the start of something and we are excited to see what God will do. The team left for Perou after the conferences, but before they reached the village it started pouring and they were not able to make it up the steep inclines, Pastor Renalds suggested going the long way around, but with the hard rains they could only get as close as 2 miles from the village, so Pastor Renalds took the gifts for some of the children from their sponsors and walked the rest of the way to his home in Perou. The team was disappointed, but it can be very treacherous reaching some of the mountain villages when it rains, as often there are no real roads. Tonight Pastor Benjamin preached during the crusade. There was one salvation and at least 30 came forward for prayer. Mike said it was a good night.
Tomorrow morning they will once again have the Pastor's conference. Then after the conference the team will go up to Pass Rien for an outreach. They will be taking enough food to feed about 200 and then 4 of the pastor's will be giving messages. Please pray that they are not rained out. Pray that the enemy is not able to stop them. Pray for the people they feed and for the messages given. Also please pray for the Madame (the village witch doctor). Pray for her eyes, ears and heart to be opened. Please also pray again for the crusade tomorrow night, I believe Pastor Sam will be preaching. Pray for the Spirit of God to move and for the people to chose to have relationship with God while the door is still open. I know I write thank you for your prayers in a lot of the prayer partner e-mails, but we would like you to know that we really are very appreciative of your prayers, with out them the work God is asking us to do would not happen, your prayers are really important. Blessings,

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