Saturday, November 24, 2012

 Prayer Partners: Christmas is truly in the air and we at New Generation Ministries are praying that you are having a blessed time. Can you imagine first coming to salvation in the name of Jesus? Remember that amazing feeling. You felt so new, so alive, so wanting to know what to do next. You immersed yourself into your Bible. But what if you didn't have a Bible? What if there was no Bible book store? What if the small amount of money you had, was needed to buy food instead of a Bible, even with your new hunger to want to read the bible? We have hundreds of families that are new Christians that desperately need a Bible. We have a great Christmas gift idea. We have found a resource for good quality Haitian Creole Bibles for just $10 each, these are not the thin evangelistic bibles, but good quality complete bibles. We would also like to suggest giving a healthy young goat. You can buy a Haitian family a goat for $35. Goats can be a positive change for a Haitian family. Please consider the purchase of Bibles or Goats for our Haitian brothers and sisters for Christmas this year.............Mike
We also have some exciting news. Our new website has been completed. Please check it out. It has new information and pictures to keep you up dated with what is happening in Haiti. One of the new features many of you have been asking for, is the ability to pay by credit card, debit card, or electronic checks (automatic bank drafts) and the ability to choose both one time donations or recurring donations. Of course we still have the pay pal option for those who prefer pay pal. The new options are available on our new donation page. There is even a space for special instructions, so you can specify what you would prefer your donation go to, for example orphan sponsorship or the medical clinic. We have had a few friends try it out and they say it is easy and very user friendly. Just go to and follow the simple instructions. Hope this makes donating easier for each of you. Thank you so very much for coming alongside of this ministry with your involvement, prayers and support. Please have a blessed Holiday Season................Mike

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