Saturday, November 3, 2012

Thank you so much for your prayers. I spoke with Mike tonight. Everyone is doing great. There were a lot of meetings today. The sponsor gifts were passed out to the children, thank you so much for blessing the children, it means so much to them. The older girls planted a garden right before the September team arrived in Haiti, Mike said it is doing very well. He said the corn is taller than he is. Beans will be planted in our field across the river while the team is in Haiti also.
Tomorrow morning Mike will be preaching in the Marose church. Please pray for hearts to be touched by God. The focus this trip is a week long crusade which starts tomorrow evening. All of the pastors coming from South Carolina will be taking turns preaching during the crusade. Please pray that God is present and that many turn their hearts to him.
Thanks & Blessings,

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