Thursday, November 10, 2011

November 9, 2011

The team has arrived safely at the orphanage. Thank you so much for your prayers. Tomorrow they will be doing maintenance work, things like changing filters in the generator, and motorcycles, checking the well pump, buying propane, etc. They will also finish planning the rest of the trip out. And of course they will be spending time with the children. Please continue to pray for Jean Jacques, the little girl with the heart condition. Mike has talked to  Dr. Ralph about arranging the necessary tests for her.
One of the jobs the team was going to do while in Haiti, was  to put up a military style half cylinder tent in Peru that will hold approx. 150 adults for church and more children for school. Mike said that our Christian education director already has set up the tent for Peru! The tent is really heavy duty and long lasting. I believe the cost of one is about $20,000. Two tents were very generously donated to our ministry. One is now set up in Peru and the other one will be set up in Pass Rien, as soon as we own the property. The witch doctor keeps changing her mind about giving the property to us. Apparently she keeps telling Nathan next week she will sign over the property. Please pray that while the team is in Haiti, that the property is secured and that they are able to set up the other tent for the church in Pass Rien. I will write again tomorrow to let you know of other prayer requests. Thank you again for your prayers.

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