Monday, November 14, 2011

Mike called this evening. He said last night he forgot to share that the team made pizza for the orphanage. We try to take one new food every trip. The children had fun eating it, they love trying the new foods the teams come up with.
This morning the team went to Peru, the stayed so long though that they never made it to Pass Rien. They spent time visiting and passing out candy. They also walked to Yolin's. Mike said he is giggling now by the time the team reaches his hut. This January will be a year from when we first met him. He has come a long way. The team blew bubbles for him again, bubbles is what opened him up, he just loves them. It is such a privilege to bless him and his family. The team also saw the first tent up and full of school children. Mike said they did a great job setting it up. I will post photos when the team gets back. They also were able to go to Gros-Morone, to visit Nathan's sister Betsy. She is interning at a hospital after going through nursing school. The ministry has helped her to afford this, she would like to be a nurse at our medical clinic when she is finished with her internship.They spent the rest of the evening playing with the children and doing devotions.
Tomorrow Mike will be teaching our 5 Good Shepherd pastors. Please pray again for open hearts and spirits. They are part of the pastor's association and are taught each trip during the pastor's conference. They also have a secondary teaching and meeting time as they are over the churches and schools in the villages we minister in, and are on staff with us. In the afternoon the team will go into Gonaives to the market. They will also do crafts with the children. Mike is hoping to be able to visit Pass Rien on Thursday instead. Thank you so very much for your prayers.

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