Monday, November 14, 2011

Sunday November 13, 2011


I heard from the team tonight. They are doing great. Thank you to all who prayed during the all night prayer and worship meeting on Friday. It started off with good worship and 4-5 pastors sharing a short message, then about 2 hours of really good worship. Then one of Pastors taught for about an hour. After that even better worship and prayer. Mike said there was one lady in particular that needed to be set free, and after much prayer and then focusing on worshiping God and giving him the glory, she was finally set free and then many people came forward for salvation's, healings and to be set free. God really moved among the people and many testimonies were shared.

The Pastors conference on Saturday went well. They are always so eager to learn. Mike has had some leadership training meetings also, which have been well received. The world would have us believe that the ideal form of leadership is in the shape of a triangle, with the top leader on the top of the triangle. Jesus teaches us about servant leadership, in which case the triangle is upside down. In a nutshell the leaders both lead and serve. After the pastors conference the team went down to the river. In the afternoon our friend Dixie and her team visited our orphanage. Dixie and her family have a ministry called Hope in Haiti

This morning (Sunday) Nathan preached in his brother-in-laws church near Archaie. Mike preached in Marose and said that about 50 people came forward for Salvation, rededication and/or healing.

In the afternoon 4-5 adults and a dozen children came from Emory's and hung out at the orphanage until early evening. They were joined by others from around the area. Then the Marose church had children's church. Sandy Love one of our orphans preached. Gamaniel, another one of our orphans lead worship, and Wisdarline the oldest girl in our orphanage was head of the music program, which is having others come up front to sing. Another little girl did the bible reading. Mike said they all did a really good job.

Tomorrow the team will be traveling to Peru during the first part of the day and to Pass Rien in the later part of the day. Please pray for God's spirit to go ahead of them. The witch doctor in Pass Rien that owns the property to build the church on, is still changing her mind in regards to giving the property up for a church. She had promised in front of the community, but keeps pushing the signing of the papers off to the next week. It is the only available level piece of property to build on in the community. Last May when Mike stood with Nathan and the team on this piece of land, Mike had asked God if they were supposed to start a church here. He had been teaching the pastors about declaring that the kingdom of God has come. He felt like God  said well are you going to declare it? So he did verbally declare that the kingdom of God has come to Pass Rien. Some one than tapped him on the shoulder and asked him if he would help them become a christian. Before they left that day, many more accepted Christ in their hearts. As I have shared in the past this women has asked Nathan and Mike many questions about becoming a christian. She is very high up in Voodoo and has messed with the worse. She has shared, that because of what she has experienced, she is afraid now that she is getting older of what Satan can do to her. On the other hand she is afraid of God, because of what she has done to others. But we believe she will give her life to Christ. One of our prayer partners had a vision of her in a dark doorway and the eyes of many people behind her peering into the light, trying to see. We think that when she gives herself to God that it will be like opening a flood gate. That many will come forward. We believe we are to plant a church there and claim the territory for God. Already since May there are about 100 people that have given their lives to the Lord in Pass Rien. We have a Good shepherd pastor that teaches on Sunday and one evening a week. He also spends time in the community through out the week. We also have a youth group once a week.

God is definitely moving in Pass Rien. We do have another tent we would like to put up in Pass Rien for a church. We also would like to start a school there in January or next fall. So please pray for the heart and salvation of this women and that she would sign the property over to the Good shepherd ministry. Please pray that the people in Pass Rien would have a church and a school.

Thank you again for all of your prayers, your partnering with us in prayer makes all of the difference.



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