Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hello again,

Today the team went into Gonaives and visited our school. They passed out candy and saw the children. They also went into Gonaives to buy supplies. Later, Mike and Nathan met with the mayor of Gonaives. We originally heard that the city of Gonaives, the third largest in Haiti, was going to have a power grid, giving some of the people electricity. The power poles went up, but stopped short of our orphanage. People in Marose have asked for the power to come to their village. Marose is about 20 mins. or so outside of Gonaives.  The main highway going north from the city goes right past us. So Mike and Nathan met with the mayor and explained how important power would be to the medical clinic, school, church and orphanage. They explained about our plans to start a market on the other side of the church next spring. They explained how we were in the process of having micro loans for people to start business's with, and how we were going to teach classes on business. They explained how our containers would be remolded and set up as shops. How it would bring jobs and commerce to the area. They told the mayor he could be at the grand opening and that it would be good for votes. He told Mike and Nathan that he would get back to them. He called Nathan later in the afternoon and said he had worked it out so that if we could buy 15 power poles, he would take care of the labor, wire, etc. This may be really good news. We have everything wired to run on the diesel generator. But, we also wired it to run on solar power and electricity, all three of which could be feeding into batteries to store the extra power created, but not used. We  have had a system designed, and are now in the process of locating and purchasing the needed inverter and the right type of batteries. Even in Port-au-Prince the power grid is not dependable, it may come on for an hour, then go off and come on in the middle of the night for 3 or 4 hours. Then not come back on for days. So, we know the power would not be dependable, but we could store it along with other sources of power and then have dependable power. This is part of our helping the orphanage to become self sustaining, so that we can minister in even more villages. Please pray for this possibility, as we already have people in place that are working on the market remodeling, micro business loans  and the business classes.
Mike shared a fun thing the team experienced today. Doo Doo, our traveling souvenir salesman made the team lobster with a homemade dipping sauce of citrus and peppers and lemons. Mike said all of the team was not up for trying it, but the ones who did really enjoyed it.
Mike said the meeting with the Good Shepherd pastors was powerful today. He shared vision, and what he thought the next season would look like.They talked about building a good foundation and leadership structure.
They talked about how it was a team effort. Nathan helped Mike to share some of this, which was encouraging.
You know someone is understanding what you are trying to share, when they can turn around to others and teach it. Thank you so much for your prayers today, they made a huge difference.
The team cooked popcorn for the children and staff at the orphanage tonight as a treat. They spent time again with the children just hanging out and loving them.
Tomorrow they will be feeding the poorest of the poor in Gonaives again. Please pray for the team as I have said in the past, this can be hard.
Thank you so much for partnering with us in prayer.



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