Friday, November 11, 2011

Hello again,

Please read through to the bottom of this letter, I promise you will be blessed!

Wohoo! The orphanage has Internet! With equipment donated by Phil and Kyle and the tech support of Kyle, along with Chuck being at the orphanage to carry out the instructions, we finally have Internet in the office using a laptop donated by the Canadian RCMP's via Ed. It has taken a long time, a lot of work, and a lot of help from many friends to work out many complications and inconsistencies. Thank you so much. Mike was actually able to print off one of his sermons in Creole for the Pastors conference tomorrow. Please remember to lift them up in prayer as they travel, mostly by foot, to learn more about God and life giving churches. Pray for open hearts and minds, and that Mikes words would be what God wants to say.

The team was also able to move all of the tools and work bench from a make shift shop in a container into the lockable generator room, a lot cooler than working in a metal 40ft. container with inside temps. reaching somewhere around 120 degrees. Praise God!

Thanks to Rose, another good friend, Mike was able to introduce a simple form of bookkeeping to our new secretary. Rose designed, and had translated a ledger book along with instructions in Creole. Mike said Eleazar understood  and was excited to implement the new plan. Another praise report!

When Mike called he was taking a break from the all night prayer and worship meeting. He said that the worship so far has been fantastic. Please remember to pray for them as they wanted us to partner with them in prayer through out the night. There are still some open slots in the middle of the night if anyone else would like to commit to a specific hour  :)

Also, tomorrow we have a very special friend of ours visiting our orphanage. Her name is Dixie, she took care of our first adopted Haitian son in Haiti 22 years ago. Jesse was our first adopted Haitian child, we now have four Haitian children, hopefully God willing, we will have 6 Haitian children before next year is over. She has a ministry in Dessalines, Haiti. Her team is coming to visit and hopefully glean some things from our ministry. We love partnering with other ministries, sharing what has worked and what has not. Hopefully it will save some of us from having to  reinvent the wheel over and over again. Dixie and her family have been a blessing to us and hold a special place in our hearts. A bonus is that she gets our heart and passion and we get hers :) Again Praise God!

And now for the praise story. When we made up the Christmas presents for the children to take on this trip, I felt like we were supposed to make two extra ones, one for a boy and one for a girl. So that, on Christmas day they would be there when the gifts were passed out. Today a new boy about 10 years  old showed up, with the usual story. Then IBESR also showed up via the UN Police. IBESR (the Haitian government's child protection agency) has once before brought us a severely beaten little boy, who now lives safely in the orphanage. We praise God that the authorities recognise that the orphanage is a safe haven for children. Well this time, they brought a girl whose parents had both died. Her grandmother had been taking care of her, but became unable to support her so she was sold. The living arrangements needless to say were not good and she ran away. The police found her and she ended up being brought to our orphanage. In Haiti usually life just happens to you and you have little control over it. In the case of a child you have NO control and adults do not take the time to tell you what is happening. Mike said she seemed the size of a young girl, but her hair and clothing which were a mess made her look like she was 16 years old. She was dropped off with no explanation as to what would be happening to her. She started to cry as the authorities drove off. Mike gave her a hug and tried to comfort her and started crying himself. After a while he had Mannrose, the girl we are adopting and her friend Ferentrice talk to her and then show her what room she would be in. Mike then went to a meeting and when it was over he went to check on her. He couldn't find her at first, because he did not recognize her. Mannrose and Ferentrice had cleaned her up, shared their clothes with her and fixed her hair. Mike said she now looks like the 10 year old little girl that she is. She said she had become a Christian when she was 5 years old and loved to go to church. She said her dream was to one day go to school. Monday she will start school. God is so very good. He truly does hear the cry of the orphan. We serve a GREAT GOD who deserves all of our PRAISE!!!

Thank you all for partnering along with us, helping us to be the hands and feet of God.

Many Blessings,


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