Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Our November team left for Haiti tonight. They will fly out of Seattle in about 1 hour. We would greatly appreciate your prayers for safe and on time travel. They are taking all of the Christmas gifts for the orphanage children and staff. 7-1/2 bins of gifts, each weighing approximately 50 pounds :) Thank you to all who helped make Christmas happen for the orphanage children, orphanage staff and pastors of our 4 Good Shepherd Churches.

In the past I have mentioned a little girl who was an infant 2 years ago when we first met her. Dr. Ralph in our medical clinic and our family doctor who has spent time in our medical clinic both believe she has a hole in her heart. A while ago the mother was told by a third doctor in Haiti, that unless she has surgery she will not live very long. We, along with our doctor have made several attempts to find a pediatric heart surgeon and a hospital that would be willing to perform surgery on her. We can not even begin applying for a passport or medical visa without a doctor or hospital, anesthesiologist, nurses, etc already in place. In the past the hospital has been the problem. But we have good news and hope. We now have a willing hospital, if we can get everything arranged and approved by March. So please join us in prayer for this little girl. Much will have to happen quicker than usual for this to work out. Mike will be trying to have some of the preliminary tests and ultra sounds done while he is in Haiti, so that he can get things moving for her. Her name is Jean Jacques. We would greatly appreciate your prayers for her health and all that is required to help her.



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