Wednesday, November 16, 2011


This morning started off with a precious sight. Bergerlande, the new girl I wrote about a few days ago, came in with a giant grin on her face. She was ready for her first day of school. Apparently she had been sick and was given medicine by Dr. Ralph, and she was doing better now. Also, she did not have shoes to wear to school, so she had been taken into town to get shoes and a pair of white frilly socks. So, in a borrowed school uniform with her hair done up, new shoes, socks, and a borrowed school back pack from Mannrose, she came to get her photo taken. Mike said she was very excited.

Later the team went into Gonaives. They walked around town some and purchased supplies. Before lunch they went to Emory's to feed the children. Mike said it went well. Emory's team came back to the orphanage later for lunch with our team. In the afternoon the team did crafts with the children. Usually all the children enjoy crafts, it does not matter if they are a boy, a girl, young or one of the older children. It is something new to experience. While the team did crafts, Mike went to Peru to teach the bible study. He said it was a powerful and fun experience. When everyone started to gather, the woman whose leg had been healed during the all night prayer and worship time, came running up to him calling out "pastor Mike, pastor Mike" pointing to her leg. She was thrilled about being healed and wanted him to know she was still doing well. In the evening the team did glo sticks with the children and had devotions.

Tomorrow the team will be going to Pass Rien, please continue to lift up the property and the witch doctor to God. Pray that he continues to draw her heart towards him.

Pray for the team also, as tomorrow will be their last day at the orphanage. It is hard to say goodbye to the children, especially for the ones that are adopting. They will start traveling very early Friday morning. Again, many thanks for all of your prayers.



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