Friday, November 1, 2013

Hope this e-mail finds you well. I am excited to share a new idea of mine.

We have some great friends here in Haiti, whom I have shared about before. They are called Second Story Goods. Part of their ministry is to reach out and mentor Haitian Artisans in developing their small business into a business that can actually support their families. We have brought some of their items back to Washington and have sold them at our fundraisers. We have also been considering selling some of their items on our website. A little while ago I told Mike that I would like to make some of the items available to teams that come to stay with us in Haiti. These items are all quality items, made in Haiti, by local Artisans, being paid a fair living wage for their goods. Many of the items include recycled parts. They are also items that you would actually enjoy or be able to give as gifts unlike traditional souvenirs, that are sometimes not even made in the country you are purchasing them in. So to make a long story short, I asked Mike if he could build me a cabinet that looked like a shipping crate to hold the items for sale. He did and I just finished stocking it today. I can't wait until teams are able to see the products and give me feedback. The initial proceeds help the Haitian Artisans. The proceeds from purchasing the items from our cabinet will go to support our children's village. 

We also have a team of South Carolina Pastors and some of their wives arriving on Monday. Please pray for safe travel for them. They are coming to be part of a huge Crusade we are hosting here at our church in Marose. We are expecting upwards of 1000 people to attend each evening. It will be held outside in front of our newly built stage. The pastors from South Carolina will be preaching some of the evenings and they will also be teaching a pastors conference during the day for three days. They will be both teaching and encouraging the local pastors. The crusade starts this Sunday evening and will continue through the following Sunday evening. Mike will be opening the first night with preaching and Nathan will be leading worship each night. The pastors conference will be held Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Please be praying for the crusade each evening and the pastors conference during the day. The crusade should be a huge outreach, especially as it will be held outside. Blessings and thank you ahead of time for your prayers.


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