Saturday, November 9, 2013

I tried to send this e-mail out last night, and it did not work. I am able to send it this morning, so please read it knowing it was sent out a day late. The team leaves in about one hour, so it is not to late to pray for them.Thank you and blessings.


I am writing a short update once again on word. I was able to publish yesterday’s prayer partner earlier today. Hopefully I can publish this one when I am through writing it. Otherwise I will publish it tomorrow.

Yesterday I neglected to mention that the team passed out certificates to each of the people attending the pastor’s conference. I have posted some photos on the blog.

The team did well today. This morning they went into Gonaives to see a little of the city’s history and to the market. Afterwards we held the birthday party for the children who have November birthdays.  The children are getting a little more comfortable with the birthdays. Most have never had a birthday party or been recognized at all. So some are having a hard time being the center of attention. Later in the afternoon, the team barbecued hot dogs for the children, which the children loved.  Also part of the team visited our church and school in Poteau  to watch the Awana program.  The Awana program has been pretty successful so far this school year.

So here’s the rest of the story…… The driver who gave his life to the Lord last night is from Pass Rein. He also was a witch doctor. So another witch doctor has been saved out of Pass Rein. God is amazing, even when we are not in Pass Rein, he is saving the people. It just goes to show everyone it is Jesus that does all the work, not any of us. The witch doctor now wants some of the people from the church to help him clean all of the voodoo items out of his home. It is such an amazing testimony when men and women so steeped in evil can see the light and choose Jesus. Voodoo is real and it is evil. Here in Haiti it involves death and human sacrifices, and other evil, it is ugly. But God is a God of redemption. In His word He says when light comes darkness has to flee. PRAISE GOD!!!!!!!!!!

Please pray for the team as they head for home tomorrow, please pray for safe travel for them. Also please keep praying for the crusade.

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