Monday, November 18, 2013


Wow what a day! Actually four days! We are so thankful for your prayers.

Friday was the beginning of our anniversary celebration for the church in Pass Rein. Nathan led worship and Mike preached. The church will be celebrating for three days with two services on Sunday.

In the morning we left for Port-au-Prince to pick up our daughter Rebecca and our grandson Felice who arrived Saturday. We made it back to Marose in the evening. All of the children were very excited to see them. 

We left for church early (6:30) Sunday morning. We held church early because of the celebration in the afternoon and the service in the evening. The witch doctor who gave his life to the Lord at the crusade had been wanting help cleaning out his home of voodoo items. So Nathan invited the church to go to his home and help after the morning service. Quite a few of us went to help. Everyone arrived at his home and started to worship and pray. Then he started to bring out the voodoo items. Many of the church members helped him to carry the items down the hill to where he was going to burn them. In the process, neighbors and other family members asked what we were doing. Nathan shared about Jesus each time someone asked and by the time we were finished 7 more people had come to the Lord. This particular house had many rooms which were painted with evil things and filled with some really evil things. It was one of the more spiritually dark places I have been. I felt like God was saying the whole place needed to be painted. After everyone was done praying, worshiping and the items were being burnt, we told them that we would come back the next day and paint. This brought tears to some eyes. It is hard to explain sometimes the feelings that are part of times like this. Watching people be set free from bondage. Watching the truth change their lives and the lives of the families. 

So this morning,Tuesday, we skipped doing school and went into town to buy paint and paint supplies. Our painter heard about what we were doing and volunteered to help organize everyone. So after getting what we needed we headed up to Pass Rein. We had one of our staff here volunteer to help. We also had some from Pass Rein volunteer. We swept his house and then everyone started painting. His madame kept telling me "you work with Jesus". I think she was surprised that the white people would actually help do the work, not just pay someone else to do the work. The witch doctor sang worship songs as he painted, we prayed as we painted. There were some rooms which I felt were more evil than others. I kept thinking about the children also. What they had seen, what they had heard, what might have been done to them and others. The evil that had surrounded them as children. The generational curses. Standing there on the grounds of evil, knowing that God is a God of reconciliation. Believing that HE COULD, WAS, and HAD healed their family, lives and land. Knowing that the children's lives would be different. Please pray for them. And please pray for us as we continue to walk out what God has called us too. We and others are depending on your prayers.


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