Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Thank you so very much for partnering with us in prayer. The team arrived safely on Monday. They had a little bit of time to settle in and then went to the crusade. Pastor Ronnie (I am not sure of the spelling and it is 12:39 AM here so I cannot check), from the team preached Monday evening at the crusade. He had a very good evangelistic message. Nathan led worship, which was so alive, it was obvious that God was present. There were about 700 in attendance and about 50 people came forward for prayer.

Today the team visited our medical clinic in the morning and then climbed the mountain for a devotion on perspectives. Eight of the ten team members are pastors. Some of them taught at the pastor's conference this afternoon and some of them shared VBS with the children in our Children's Village. 

Tonight the team went to the crusade again. Nathan led worship, which was excellent. Pastor Darryl from the South Carolina team preached a message on salvation that was very inspiring. Eight of the team members sang two different gospel songs for everyone. The songs were very powerful. Afterwards the team came up on the stage again and they were prayed for along with two of the leaders from our Marose church body. There were over 700 in attendance again tonight and about 60 came forward for prayer. It has been a blessing for us to have the team here helping us pray for all of the people coming forward for prayer.

It is hard to explain the atmosphere of the crusade. As you know a lot of prayer has gone into this event. Haiti is a very black and white country spiritually, there is no gray area. Even though it is November, it is 80 degrees right now at 12:56 AM. It was about 86 degrees tonight at the crusade. So imagine a warm summer evening, with 700 plus Christians around you, worshiping God with their whole heart, body, soul and mind. It is absolutely incredible. I like to think of it as a glimpse of what heaven will be like, when all the nations worship at the throne of His feet. I wish everyone could experience this, what it feels like to be doing what He wants us to, where He wants us to. Life is far from perfect here, but the feeling of knowing you are where He wants you. That you have answered His call, no matter the cost. That you are walking in the purpose He created you for. The feeling is indescribable. I do not share this to make anyone feel less of a person, but rather to encourage everyone to ask God to show them the purpose He created them for and then too choose to walk in it, no matter what the risks appear to be. It is worth it, He guarantees it.

Please keep praying for the crusade and the people God is reaching out to. 


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