Friday, November 29, 2013

A wild goose (turkey) chase & thanks

 Prayer Partners: We sure hope that you are all having a very blessed Thanksgiving Day today, thanking our Heavenly Father for all the good blessings He sends our way. We at New Generation Ministries are certainly thankful for all of them and you, your support, your encouragement, and most of all your prayers. I know that we seem to say that a lot, but it is how we feel, and it is true.

   Living in Haiti has given us a new perspective on most everything that we thought we had figured out about this life we are living. The things that most of us take for granted, like electricity, clean water, three meals a day, driving on smooth roads, and safety and security are “much different here” in our new life in Haiti. But not everything that is “much different here” is bad or negative. Some things have been very encouraging, and very positive, like the way some here “hunger and thirst for God, and are satisfied” by Him, and the way the “poor in Spirit seek Him, and will receive the Kingdom of God” for it.

   But the point of the Holiday remains the same as it was for those early pilgrims in America. They realized how desperate they were for God’s assistance in their life. And they were so very thankful for receiving it from Him. They realized just how fragile this life is and how dependent we really all are on Him. They realized that the things they took for granted, and left back home, were not essentials, or even that necessary for a life that is truly thankful to our gracious heavenly father for everything He does though us and for us.  … Mike

   Hello, this is Chris writing now. I would really like to thank all of you who have been praying for me. I was really sick for a full week. I became sick the evening we painted the witch doctor’s house. I felt sure that it was at least partially spiritual. I did try pushing through a day in the middle of last week, but ended up back in bed. Thanks to prayer there was a break through last Sunday and Monday and I am good to go again. Thank you very much.

I have a little Thanksgiving story I would like to share with you. Most days I have a list that I try to accomplish. The goal being to get from point A to Z, or at least D or E. Today my “list” consisted of trying to come up with some kind of version of a Thanksgiving meal. I already had a list for Mike and my daughter Becca to try and find in the open market. I was going to start cooking J As I was getting dressed for the day, I told Mike I could hear one of our turkey’s outside of our bedroom window, which meant they had escaped the children’s village and were loose in the community. Mike went and checked and said all was well and he and Becca left for the market to find as many things on the food list as possible. Not five minutes after they left, Nadine and the children were calling for help. One of our turkeys was headed up the mountain. So the day stared with a wild goose (turkey) chase, literally. On the way to town Mike ran into a police stop and the truck paperwork of our friends truck, which he was driving, was seized and he had to come back for our paperwork to take to the police department, so he could get the other trucks paperwork back, which he later did. Apparently very large trucks are not allowed on the roads in Gonaives between 6 and 8:30 in the morning, Monday through Friday. Then one of the children in our village realized we were going to eat one of the turkeys and started crying. Catching goats or chickens and eating them apparently is okay. But our turkeys had become like pets. The not so little boy was standing there asking me “why Mama Chris”? So next I find myself giving an American history lesson. Some of the staff joined my history lesson. Then the director of our Marose School wanted to meet with me for a minute. I stopped and laughed, then asked God, “Am I even going to get to A on my list today?”

Later after the turkey was caught, killed and de-feathered for me and brought to my apartment, I thanked them and realized the neck was still intact and that meant the insides would still be intact, sigh, I was hoping they would clean it out for me. But communication is interesting here, to say the least. For example the word li, means he, she or it. How are you supposed to have a clue who or what someone is talking about? Thankfully Mike came to my rescue and cleaned the insides of the turkey out for me.

Thanksgiving Day is not over yet, nor the adventures of life here, and every recipe I am making has at least one ingredient missing, but it will resemble a Thanksgiving meal. My children have made a large paper turkey, I copied my daughter in law Tena’s idea, each feather has something they are thankful for written on it. They have been working on it all month. I don’t have most of my children, grandchildren and other family members with me. But I can call them, I know they are safe and I know God is with them. And for those things I am very thankful.

I hope and pray you are enjoying your Thanksgiving holiday surrounded by family, and good food. I pray you are blessed and thanking God for all you have. And I hope your day is filled with past memories and memories in the making. I know we will remember the year our turkey tried to run up the mountain, and I know we will remember how thankful we were for all God had blessed us with, as we looked around the communities that we ministered in. As Mike said earlier, living in Haiti has given us a new perspective. We wish you many, many blessings, and new prespectives … Chris

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