Friday, November 8, 2013

Thursday November 8,2013

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The team is doing great. Yesterday they went to visit Pass Rein and our school there. This was special for some of the team members as they were part of the team last November which brought a meal to share with the community of Pass Rein. The meal served last November was the beginning of the revival in Pass Rein. The very next day the church we had been trying to plant took off and there have been salvations every day since then. The Spirit has moved incredibly from that day forward. The team was able to see our new school that teaches children in the morning and adults in the late afternoon. After the team arrived back at the children’s village they taught at the pastor’s conference. Eight of the team members are Pastors and they have been taking turns teaching at the conference and preaching at the crusade in the evening. Last night Pastor Rodney preached and Nathan led worship. There were about 15 -20 who came forward for prayer.

This morning the team visited our school in Perou. Then in the early afternoon they taught at the pastor’s conference again. Two of the women on the team did some of the girl’s hair in the orphanage.Tonight Pastor Janice preached. She preached out of chronicles, using the story of Jehoshaphat. She did an excellent job. Six people gave their lives to the Lord tonight. One of them was a driver who was hired by us to provide transportation for villagers who wanted to come to the crusade. He had been driving the last three nights. But, he called Nathan today and said “I know you have hired us for the week, but my boss sold the truck we were using to transport the people and I am out of work now.” Nathan asked him if he knew anyone else who could drive for us. He said he would check around. Later he called Nathan and said he found another large truck and the owner of it said he could drive it tonight. Nathan talked with him and found out that he was not a believer. Nathan told him that he should give his life to the Lord and that God would bless him. The man responded that he had other plans and would choose God later. He arrived with the people and sat and listened, as he had nothing else to do until he took the people back home. He was so inspired by Janice’s message as he sat and listened, that he gave his life to the Lord tonight. You should have seen him, he was so excited, he was like a little child before the Lord. Please pray for him as he begins his new life in Christ and tries to find another job, which is almost impossible with the unemployment rate in Haiti.

Tomorrow morning the team will go into the market in Gonavies. Later in the day we will have our birthday party for the children who have birthdays in November. A huge thank you to those of you who bought cake mixes and powdered sugar for the birthday cakes. I really appreciate it. One of the team members will also be preaching at the crusade again. Please pray that God continues to move and bless the people of Haiti, and know that He has been answering your prayers each evening.
Many Blessings,

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