Friday, November 29, 2013

Hello again,
I know we just wrote yesterday, but it feels like so much happened while I was sick that I felt like writing to you and sharing some of the highlights.

First in answer to some of your questions about the "little one's journey". The little boy came up to me after about two days and said Mama Chris I like it here, I do not want to go, can I stay?" I told him he would have to go to school if he stayed, he said okay, then I said he would have to go to church if he stayed, he said okay, so I told him I would ask Papa Mike and Pastor Nathan. We found a school uniform and a fabric bag from, VBS with Becca and Sue, we filled it with school supplies and sent him off to our Marose school. He was beaming. When we were finally able to make contact with his relatives they told us that they would not be able to care for him. So he is here with us. Thank you so much for helping us to provide a safe place for children like him. And by the way, if any of you are interested in sponsoring him, let me know. My waiting list for sponsoring orphans has been used up.

We are still trying to raise money for sewing machines in Pass Rien. A couple of you have offered to buy one. We would appreciate it, if a couple more people would consider helping to provide an income for a family, by providing funds for a treadle sewing machine. If I remember correctly they are a little over $200. If anyone is interested, I can get you a more accurate price. I will post a photo of one of the machines we are looking for, from a friends ministry on the blog. Pass Rien is really excited about learning to sew. The adult literacy classes are going very well also. They really are more than a literacy class, the adults are going to school full time and using the same curriculum that we are using in our schools. The adult classes are almost unbelievable. It is still hard for me to imagine putting in a full days work and then going to school for 5 hours a day. The adults are so proud to be learning how to read and write. Last week one of the teachers shared about their  faith and 5 people were saved. God's hand is on Pass Rien and it is such a changed community, we keep hearing that it is unrecognizable to people that have not been to Pass Rien  in a while.

Right before I got sick my daughter Rebecca and my grandson came to stay through the holidays and into January. It has been so good to have them here. They were a huge help while I was sick also. Two days after they arrived, we had a wonderful team from Georgia visit. They held a women's conference in Marose and also in Pass Rien. They spent a lot of time with the children in our Children's village. One day they put on a Harvest Carnival, much like some of you hold in your churches. They had different games stations that the children could go to and try to win prizes. The children had a blast. They also brought glo-sticks for the children.

One of my latest adventures has had much to do with one of my greatest fears. I have had many conversations with Haitian's here about the fact that I am not afraid of the lizards, cockroaches (which are HUGE here), praying mantis or stick bugs. I am not afraid of snakes either. Every Haitian I have met is afraid of snakes. I think it is because they are connected to voodoo here. They are surprised that I will pick up a lizard and even put it in my house, because they help keep the bug population down, they especially love mosquitoes. But I have told them, that I draw the line at spiders. I do not like them at all. During the 9 months I have lived here I have actually not run into that many. There is one that looks like a mock scorpion that I don't particularly like, but it is harmless. I have been put to the test over the last few days though. Five days ago, I walked past my couch and about four feet into my doorway was a tarantula the size of my hand staring at me. I tried to flick it towards the open doorway with a flyswatter and it RAN up the back of my couch. After a second try I succeeded in flinging it out the door. My daughter then got involved and was able to smash it with a shoe. It took a couple of really good whacks to kill it. I was not a happy camper that it had actually made it into my house. Next day, no problem. The following day, Lizzy called from the doorway into the house from our porch, mom I see a REALLY big spider here. If I had not seen the tarantula in our house the day before, I probably would have chocked it up to a regular spider. She is five and thinks all bugs are big. But something made my daughter and I pay attention and go look, and sure enough another there was another tarantula. Again I was not really happy about this. It took Mike two direct hits to kill it also. Another day goes by, no problem. Then tonight one of the children calls us from the doorway and says he is cut and he needs us to fix his wound. My daughter Becca goes out to help him. My husband goes to the doorway and my daughter says  "uh Dad look down". Another tarantula sitting in my doorway. Each of these are as big as my hand and very hairy. I would really appreciate prayer for these visitors, as I try to conquer my fear of them. I am wondering why now, all of the sudden. And as with everything else that comes our way I ask "What am I supposed to be learning from this, because I want to learn it quick if I am, so I can move on and be done with them.

Thank you for all of your prayers, blessings,

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