Thursday, October 24, 2013


The second October team made it to Seattle with no problems, thank you for your prayers. Also  thank you for faithfully praying for the ministry and our family. I enjoy receiving responses to the prayer partners. Sometimes I write and then wonder if anyone reads them :) But some of you have let me know the updates bless you, thank you for the encouragement. 

It seems like when God gives us another piece of the vision, he opens the door almost as he gives it. It seems like the door barely cracks open and everything is laid out before us. In such a way that we know it is the hand of God. I am not saying we then have this perfect part of the ministry and it is all taken care of and provided for. I am trying to say that He lets us know beyond a shadow of a doubt that He is fully in whatever part he has called us to walk out. Then we still have to walk it out. I would like to share just such a part with you tonight. One we feel like God has called Mike and I and Nathan to.

As we have been ministering in Pass Rein, one thing has been obvious, the communities intense desire to follow God. We have also noticed another desire, the desire to grow and learn. So with a new school just finishing being built, but used only during the first part of the day, and remaining vacant for the second part of the day. God has laid it on our hearts to help the community learn and grow. Most of the adults in Pass Rein (and other villages too) have never been given the opportunity to attend school. 

So this week we opened our first adult school in Pass Rein. The adults start school just after the children finish. We have three classes. They study for 5 hours each day Monday thru Friday. This being after they have worked in their fields, sold produce at the market and prepared food etc. for their families. And the many other survival duties they attend to. Just visiting the school makes you cry. So many adults willing to move past the inconveniences and embarrassments and admit they cannot read or write. Can you imagine trying to sell your produce at market and depending on the customer giving you the right amount of money and not being able to count and make change. Or imagine not being able to read important documents and signing them with an X. I can not fathom not being able to read directions whether in the city or on medicine for my children. How about not even being able to read the bible that has been given to you. The list, I am sure goes on and I am not even beginning to touch on what it means to each of them. We were so blessed to see and experience first hand the joy these people feel going to school for the first time. Some of these adults have become our friends. Some of them are in their 40's and 50's. One of the couples we visit frequently. They are always cutting coconuts for us, and sharing other items from their land. Many of my plants have come from this couple. I was so excited to see both the husband and wife at the school. 

We pay the teachers who teach the children during the day, but the teachers who are giving 5 hours of their time each evening to teach the adults are volunteering. This speaks volumes in regards to the change of the community in Pass Rein. One man in particular who helps the school director during the day for free, is the director of the school for the adults. He also oversees the leadership in the church. He helps in every area he can for the community. I would love to see him be sponsored and maybe even receive some encouragement from some of you.

Please remember to pray for these adults as they try to learn. I for one, know how hard it is to learn new things, like a second language after the age of 50 :)

It was unbelievable and absolutely amazing being able to experience God's hand of blessing on the people today. Praising God !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blessings, Chris

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